Institute Founders Crowdsale

The Blockchain Institute of Technology is raising money to purchase a permanent building to expand on the awesome intellectual and productive work being achieved by New Hampshire seacoast individuals in our space. Our landlord has recently put our building up for sale so we have the incredible opportunity to establish a permanent home for BIT in Portsmouth!

Investors in our BIT token are crypto-wealthy individuals and blockchain enthusiasts who want to see a culture of decentralization through technology flourish throughout the New England Seacoast.

Donating ETH

By sending ETH to the contract address our sponsors receive two BIT tokens for each ETH. The Institute will accept BIT tokens at the value of one BIT equals one ETH for all goods and services.

The crowd-sale will end when 25,000 ETH is raised, leaving a total of 50,000 BIT tokens available in circulation. The Blockchain Institute of Technology accepts BIT tokens at a face value of one BIT per ETH, so for every $1 in demand for BIT services (courses, lectures, events, rent, etc) sponsors may earn back up to $2 by buying services or by selling the tokens on the open market to other patrons or students wishing to attend The Institute.

Send ETH to crowd sale address: 0x0614fef694925bab5b02ea91c25e27b5c34008de

BIT Token address:  0xd91404da4e64e77869c4b407f7753ccca81426f1

Token Decimals: 18

Ticker name: BIT

Donating XRP

BIT tokens are also sold on the XRP decentralized exchange.

To donate XRP and receive BIT tokens as proof of your sponsorship on the XRP ledger, take an order for accept an offer for BIT.rBG9Xa4ARYqKJh4XBiWbB3fxizWthSLhWb

For each XRP donated your account will receive two BIT tokens, which will be usable for Blockchain Institute of Technology services at the rate of  one XRP per BIT.